Texcel Technology - Electronic Design & Product Development

If you are developing a new product design, we can help you through all stages of the process, from concept right through to production. In fact, we like to get involved as early as possible in the design process as we can often add value in terms of component selection, board design, and design for manufacture.

Even if you only have a concept, we can work with your team to develop this into a specification which includes circuit design, firmware, PCB layout, prototyping and final production.

Practical Solutions

We have a multi-disciplined design engineering team who can work closely with you to develop feature rich, high quality, repeatable production and cost-competitive solution

Design Services

Our design services include: -

  • Circuit design - analogue and digital
  • PCB layout using Orcad, Protel, PADS, Tango Pro
  • Enclosure design using AutoCAD®
  • Simulation using Spice
  • Concept design with 3D modelling using Solidworks®
  • Software, embedded software, SQL databases